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117,650 Active Customer List To Send Emails


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- It took me almost 5 years to sell to over 117,000 people & it cost me over $1M in advertising. As a thank you for supporting my YouTube channel or letting me help you in some way, you can now have access to my active email list!

- With this email list and template, you can now test products by sending over 117,000 people emails! That's right, no more spending money on ads or spending all your time making TikTok videos that won't go viral! 

- The email list works for any type of product because the products I sold were unisex and evergreen products on this store (meaning products everyone needs and can use).

- All you have to do is upload the list like I show in the video above (after my passionate rant lol), and then start selling by using my email template as a guide!

Email lists usually cost up to $400 per 1,000 emails! With that math, if I were to sell my list to another big Dropshipper, I'd charge them $47,060 and you can get access for just $12! So take advantage of this because I don't know how long I am allowed to leave this up!

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